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            The Community of Children Sacred Family (Zapallitos) is a beneficent civil association without ends of lucre. Their fundamental objective is the integral care of abandoned children exposed to drugs, violations, prostitution, etc. 

            Our institution begun like consequence of the death of Juan, the son of hardly 6 months of age of the founder that opened the eyes of their parents with their fragile humanity and teach them that there are deads that never die. Miguel Rodriguez met this way the truth of a hidden world: the children of the street.  This fact marks the beginning of the foundation of the House Sacred Family that begins its activities with 4 children and has increased, at the present time they have more than 250 children. 

The life with the children begun in a simple way, being able to understand that the rehabilitation goes on basically with the emotional support: affection and love. 

All our development is then a challenge, because is not only to feed them but also to educate them in freedom, but with discipline, based on the work and in the responsibility. 

We outline an active education, where the boy is actor of his development and not simply receiving information. We think in the education as the best investment. All our children go to school and we have a team of psychologists, social assistants and educators that support us. 

Our centre seeks to generate its own resources.  For that we have created some workshops :bakery, carpentry, ceramic and welding. At the moment we have some projects in mind: seam, construction and others. These workshops at the same time of forming the children, they offer a production that later is sold to obtain benefits that sustain the Community. We don't believe in living without working, it is necessary to learn how to fish because this way the product of our fishing will be able to build us a worthy future as human beings . But, these shops don't cover all our necessities (feeding, school, uniforms, clothes, school material, medical expenses, etc.), for what we have the collaboration of beneficent associations and non government organizations like the Association "Madre Coraje".

Girls from the comunity


The children of the street are not but the product of a national crisis of values, made worse by the violence and the bad economy of our country.  

We don't doubt one second in that we will be able to break the circle by means of the work, the education and the sport and this way to breathe together in a world in which we all need to inhabit. 

We know that some day we will be able to leave this crisis and we will see the transparent dawn that gives us a worthy and different future where we are able to be authors of our destination with our lover's company Jesus . 

We invite you to know our house and to give this way our children the happiness of having their presence. Thank you to be our friend. 

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Our Home is located on a zone called "ZAPALLAL" (like pumpkin field) , there is where some firends call us Zapallitos (Little Pumpkins)

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